I have the page set up like I want. I wrote the About. This is my third try for a first post. I am nervous. I want to do it right: the first post sets the tone. If the reader doesn’t like the first post they may never come back. I need to get past these thoughts, feelings and ideas because this blog is not about me. It is about Him. I will probably deal with this every time that I write a post. It is so very easy to want to make it about me. But I live under GRACE, not LAW so it is never what I do to seek His love. He loves me and lavishes me the His Amazing Grace. He feels the same way about you. Those are truths that will never, ever change no matter what you have done or will ever do. He loves you! But, we live in the world where the roses have thorns and suffering and pain exists. In John 16:33 Jesus told us that we would have trouble in this world. “I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” He is the rose without thorns. But how do we do this? How do we walk with Jesus in the world where roses have thorns? If you have come to this blog looking for a step by step roadmap of how to deal with suffering and trouble in your life, you will be disappointed. I don’t have the answers for you. I don’t have the answers for my life. However, He has the answers for all of us. You see, each of us has a personal relationship with Jesus. My walk relationship does not look like yours and yours does not look like mine. We look at trouble and suffering as negative things to be avoided at all costs. God does not think the same way we do. He uses all things to help mold us and make us into the image of the child that He created not the one Satan wants us to believe we are. I can hear some of your thoughts right now. I know because they are frequently my thoughts too. The thoughts are, “But you don’t know what I am going through and how bad I am suffering”. You are right, I don’t know and will never know. Even if I knew every detail and you were sitting next to me, I would not truly understand your suffering. Suffering is personal. It is subjective. A husband and wife walking through the same situation will deal with it differently. We serve a God who loves each of us deeply and knows what we need the most. Because I am His child, He says that I will have trouble in this world. If you ask me, I feel like it am seeing more of it lately in my life that most people. You may feel that way too. That is okay, being real is important in dealing with trouble and suffering. Join me in this journey called life as we learn to walk hand in hand with the Rose without Thorns.